Based on both real places and imagery driftings through my mind.
These works are stunning in their simplicity and in their use of just one color to create depth.
I believe you will thoroughly enjoy these designs.


Twinkling of Blace Lace Trees


13.6" 7.5"
4 colors DMC
28 Ct. French Lace Linen

This eye-catching design captures the dimension and charm of a worn path down through
old, majestic trees.

chart - $10.00
fabric - $10.00


Born Out of Imagination

Beads in the tail represent sparks of imagination that swirl around until they start to come together and form the tail and eventually become
horse of a different color.

199 W x 97 H
14.2" W x 6.9" H

Model stitched over 2 threads on linen, but Aida and other evenweave fabric will work fine.
(28 Ct. Monet Blue linen)

15 different colors of floss plus 5 different colors of beads.

chart: $10.00
fabric: 20" x 13" (28 Ct. Monet Blue linen) $10.00

Twinkling of Willows

Design area: 12.5" W x 5" H
Model stitched on 16 Ct. Star Sapphire Aida, but can be stitched
on either Jobelan or linen. Threads used: black embroidery floss
and Juniper Floss from Weeks Dye Works (any color
floss can be used for the leaves.) Trees are cross stitch and
the leaves are straight stitches. Stitches very quickly. $8.00

Elizabeth's Flowers

Design area: 8.3" W x 4" H. Done in all black, using
floss and Perle Cotton. Stitched on 28 Ct. Antique/Vintage
linen, but Aida can be used. This piece can be coordinated
with the following 2 designs, making an extraordinary wall
display. The finished piece is dramatic and quite stunning. $8.00

Katherine's Flowers

Design area: 6.9" H x 2.6" W. Stitched with just black embroidery floss. Like the design above, this is stitched
on 28 Ct. Antique/Vintage linen, but Aida can be used.
Stunning, eye-catching and quick. $6.00

Emily's Flower

Design area: 4.5" W x 4.6" H. Stitched with just black
embroidery floss and the same fabric as the other two. Aida
can be used. Artistically simple and elegant. $6.00.


Reflection of a Rose

Elegant and stunning. 2.4" x 6.5". Stitched over 2 on 32 Ct. Queen Anne's Lace Jobelan (hand dyed effect).
Use black floss and #8 black Perle Cotton.

chart: $6.00
fabric: $5.00


Lovely 'N Lace V

Stitched over 2 on 28 Ct. black lugana. 10" x 5". White floss, #8 white Perle Cotton, petite white beads.
Make heads turn with this design!

chart: $8.00
fabric: $10.00

Silhouette Trio
all three in same chart pack
retail $10.00
28 Ct. Ivory linen - black floss

lighthouse 8.2" x 4.3"
farm 9.3" x 5.6"
churchyard 9.6" x 2.9"

Stonebridge Silhouette
retail $8.00
28 Ct. Ivory linen - black floss

7.9" x 9.1"

Floral Design Silhouette
retail $8.00
28 Ct. Ivory linen - black floss & beads

5.4" x 7.6"

A Twinkling of Trees
retail $8.00
16 Ct. Star Sapphire Aida - black floss & Charcoal floss
from Weeks Dye Works

15.7" x 6.9"

Cemetery Hill
retail $8.00
16 Ct. Natural Lite Aida - black floss &
#8 and #12 Perle Cotton

6.8" x 15"

Like Feathered Wings

Chart $8.00
uses 3 Weeks Dye Works variegated threads:
Tiger's Eye, Hazelnut and Whiskey,
stitched over 2 threads - 28 Ct. ivory linen

approx, 12" x 4"


 Checkerboard Trees

11.4" x 7.8"
all black floss
can be stitched on Aida
or evenweave


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